Invoice Factoring

Factoring Diagram

Invoice Factoring
  1. Your company performs services or sells and delivers goods or merhandise to your customer.
  2. The Factoring Agreement
  3. The Online Invoice Confirmation Agreement
  4. Photon Funding, LLC notifies your customer of the sale, assignment & transfer of the invoice(s) to Photon Funding, LLC, pursuant to Uniform Commercial Code, section 9404. Your customer is now legally required to pay Photon Funding, LLC rather than your company.
  5. Your company sells, assigns & all right, title & interest in your invoice(s) to your customer to Photon Funding, LLC.
  6. Photon Funding, LLC advances funds for the invoice(s) to your company.
  7. Your customer remits payment to Photon Funding, LLC
  8. Photon Funding, LLC remits the applicable rebate to your company.